Mammals of Kutch

  • Kutch district and surrounding areas are rich in mammalian fauna and this is evident by the richness of fauna. Checklist :- Caracal, Desert Cat, Desert Fox, Asiatic Wild Ass, Small Indian Civet, 2 species of Mongoose, Ratel, Pangolin, Chinkara, Wild Boar, 2 species of Hedge Hogs, Crested Porcupines, Wolf, Hyena, Jungle Cat, Indian Fox, Nilgai, Golden Bush Rat, Desert Jird, Indian Gerbil, Kutch Rock Rat, Indian Field Mice, and many species of Insectivorous bats and 2 species of Fruit bat.
  • John Hall and Richard Web two world renowned mammal-watchers visited Kutch and talk high about the mammalian diversity of the area. To know more visit the following link.

CEDOMammals of Kutch