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1. Article on Kutch in Auto India

2. Banni report by J. K. Tiwari

3. Nikhil Devasar’s Article on Kutch Birds

4. Pale Rock Sparrow

5. Article on J. K. Tiwari in Lonely Planet


                                          Popular Articles

6. Birding in the Hills of Mount Abu

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17. Thane ka Tal

18. Vanishing Grasslands

19. Vishnois – Article in Hornbill


                                          Research Papers

20. Caspian Tern Nesting in India NLBW

21. Common Cranes and its habitat in Kutch JBNHS

22. Exotic Weed Prosopis juliflora FAO tiger paper

23. Fossil Crab research paper in Mizunami Fossil Bulletien Japan

24. Glossy Ibis nesting SIS newsletter

25. Green Avadavat Finch News Australia

26. Grey Hypocolius in Kutch Indian Birds

27. Grey Hypocolius JBNHS

28. Grey Hypocolius paper in Forktail

29. Large Heronries in Kutch and nesting of Glossy Ibis -JBNHS

30. Nesting Sykes’s Nightjar and occurrence of Brown beasted Flycatcher Indian Birds

31. Pelicans in Kutch NLBW

32. Two new birds for Gujarat Indian Birds

33. Unidentified Canid in Eritrea Online Journal on Canids

34. White-bellied Miniver NLBW

35. White-naped Tit Delhibird online paper

36. White-naped Tit in Gujarat and Rajasthan JBNHS

37. White-naped Tit in Kutch Bird Conservation International 1992

38. White-naped Tit Mistnet

39. White-naped Tit paper in Forktail


                                         Short Notes

40. Eurasian Sparrow hawk in Kutch Indian Birds

41. Short notes -Scientific publication in various journals and Newsletters by J.K. Tiwari