Tapirs are mammals. They are herbivores that live in wet, sick forests near various water bodies. Tapirs are good swimmers. That’s why they like to spend time in the water and under the water. In lakes and rivers, they not only feed on aquatic plants and rest but also hide from dangerous predators. In the forests, tapirs eat juicy vegetation: leaves of trees and shrubs, fruits, and berries.

Now, there are five known species, three of which live mainly on the plains. Such animals are most active in the evening at dusk and even at night. The Brazilian tapir can sink to the bottom of the water body for food and procure food by moving along the riverbed. The mountain tapir lives in the mountainous area of the Andes. It is a diurnal animal.

In nature, tapirs are hunted by various predators. On land, they can become prey to a jaguar, bear, anaconda. In the water, they can be caught by a crocodile. But the greatest danger is human. Humans hunt for meat and leather.

At present, the tapir population has significantly decreased. Four species out of five are included in the list of animals that are threatened with extinction.

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