In India, there are a lot of different animals, and it is better for people not to meet some of them, so as not to risk their lives.

India’s Most Dangerous Animals

  1. The Bengal tiger is a formidable large predator, that reaches 4 meters in length and weighs up to 400 kg. Its impressive size, combined with sharp claws and teeth, allows it to hunt even buffaloes weighing over a ton. The number of deaths from tiger attacks has decreased recently, but it is still better to beware of this animal.
  2. The leopard is another member of the feline family. According to statistics, leopards attack humans much less often than tigers do. However, if tigers attack mainly out of despair when they really need food, leopards may simply take an interest in human meat. And after trying it once, they begin to purposefully hunt for people.
  3. Another dangerous creature is the cobra. Every year, about 100 thousand people suffer from cobra bites. The problem is compounded by the fact that the cobra is considered a sacred animal in India, that is why people do not exterminate it.
  4. The Indian species of scorpions is very dangerous, because it has a strong poison, which is fatal to humans in 25% of cases. Scorpions are found in all regions of India and usually hunt at night.

These are just some of the dangerous animals of India. People should also try to avoid encountering crocodiles, rhinos, rhesus monkeys, sloth bears and even elephants whenever possible.

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