As and where to get to know India’s animal world: useful apps. In India, there are some of the most majestic and rare animals. Favourable climatic conditions, dense forests and comfortable air temperature make the country an ideal home for more than 90000 animals. Animals in India live in wildlife as well as in national parks and reserves.


Rare species of the animal world

  • India is home to a giant squirrel. It lives on trees in moist evergreen deciduous forests. It is a single animal and meets members of the opposite sex only for the purpose of reproduction. In India, squirrels are considered sacred and protected by the state.
  • Rare bird species found only in India include the Malabar ringed parrot. It has blue-coloured feathers, a black neck and yellowtail. This parrot lives in the crevices of trees. Often, poachers smuggle these birds out of India for resale.
  • Another rare and endangered animal species in India is Nilgiri tahr. This stocky goat became the target of poachers. Therefore, the population has been drastically reduced. Most of the existing tahrs live in the national park and are under state protection.
  • A giant bustard is considered a symbol of India. A rather large bird looks like an ostrich. It is considered one of the heaviest flying birds. In 2013, the Indian Government launched a special project to protect this endangered population.
  • Due to the constant hunting of poachers, the number of Indian antelopes has declined. This herbivore lives on the plains and in the humid forests. In the modern world, the law prohibits the extinction of this species in India, and all the antelopes that are still alive can be seen in national parks and reserves.
  • The Indian peacock is distinguished by its bright plumage and unusual appearance, or more precisely, by its male bird species. Females have a less flamboyant appearance but are threatened with extinction as well. The Indian peacock is protected by law too, making it available throughout the country.
  • The Nilgiri langur is an animal that lives in the mountains of southern India. Langur has shiny black fur and golden brown wool on his head. These langurs are in groups of ten. These animals feed on leaves, fruits and other plants that are available to them in their habitat. Poachers hunt langur because of meat and fur, so the population of these animals has sharply decreased.
  • The Indian cobra is considered one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. This poisonous type of snake is widespread in India. This snake feeds on rats and mice that live in people’s homes, so it often crawls into the homes of locals. This unique cobra produces a powerful paralyzing poison that causes cardiac arrest and respiratory failure.

You can learn a lot about animals of India from documentaries and magazines. In science, scientists and other researchers often use endoscopes to observe animals and plants in their primary habitat. These devices allow people to transmit video signals from the places, which are hardest to reach. To connect an endoscope to a smartphone to transmit images in real time, the developers created Inskam app. For those who are interested not only in the animal world, but also in looking for acquaintances with similar interests, the Rondevo app is created. It is designed for international online dating and helps people find their soul mate.

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