With the development of the gaming industry, more and more people of all ages are starting to enter it. Many of them, unfortunately, do not even know the basic rules of how to protect themselves during gaming sessions. Scammers actively take advantage of this, profiting from poor and gullible gamers.

In this article, we will analyze the most popular ways of cheating in online games and how you can bypass them. By the way, security goes along with anonymity. When playing online games, you are likely to make various transactions. For example, buying in-game items from other players.

Cryptocurrency is a good enough option to buy because it is very convenient. But the problem is that it needs to be more secure. It is highly recommended to use a bitcoin mixer.

What is bitcoin mixer?” It is a service that mixes your BTCs with other users’ BTCs, thus hiding your identity and making you completely anonymous.

What kinds of scams exist?

Here are the main types of scams you may encounter in online gaming.

Malware downloading

This is a fairly common phenomenon. Its essence is that users are offered to download an add-on for some games. They follow the link to other sites where malicious software is running without suspecting a catch. Such an attack aims to damage the user’s device.

Breach of privacy

By correlating data from games and other sources, attackers can access your other accounts, such as on social networks, and register new accounts in your name.



Phishing is also used in games. This is a type of scam where users’ account information is snatched. Scammers send out emails to players asking them to verify their login information. Following the link in such an email, players get to a fake login page, where they are asked to enter their current password and log in. They do this, after which the credentials are in the hands of criminals.

How to protect yourself from online gaming scams

Here are the most effective ways to protect your account in online games. Using a VPN – will make your Internet connection private by masquerading as a network elsewhere. VPNs are easy to install and don’t require a complicated setup. What else do they do?

For example, protect against DDoS attacks, often undertaken against opponents in online games, so that they begin to slow down the game and show a much worse than usual skill. Provide extra security for data transfer and banking transactions because a VPN connection cannot be tracked.VPNs are available for Macs, Android and iOS devices, and Windows.

Some utilities offer a secure connection for multiple devices operating systems simultaneously – a handy option if you’re used to working from several locations simultaneously. Some VPNs are free but can limit data transfer and may not provide complete security. Before you choose a VPN, you need to be clear about what its protection will cover.

To do this, read all the terms and conditions and the privacy policy. While some VPNs promise 100% protection from malware and phishing sites, they do not guarantee the same level of protection as a standalone antivirus. The best option is to have both.

And it would help if you also were extremely careful when playing online games and communicating with people there. There’s a lot of social engineering going on, so you’re your best defender.

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