The Tasmanian devil is the largest modern mammal in the carnivorous marsupial family. It is similar in size to a medium-sized dog and resembles a small bear in body type and colour. These animals created a lot of problems for the colonists by penetrating into chicken coops, eating animals caught in traps, and supposedly hunting lambs and sheep. That’s why Tasmanian devils were persecuted. Their meat was delicious. The settlers said it tasted like veal.

In June 1941, the law on the protection of this animal was adopted. At this time, almost all the marsupial devils were killed. However, unlike the marsupial wolves, which were completely exterminated in 1936, the population of the marsupial devil was restored. At present, these animals are numerous. However, their population is subject to strong seasonal fluctuations, which are caused by the fact that every summer (in December and January) young animals leave their mothers and wander around the territory in search of food. During the first months, 60% die unable to withstand food competition.

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