Amur leopard is most active before sunset and in the first half of the night. In winter, when it is cloudy, the animals go hunting in the daytime as well. Males prefer to hunt alone, while females take their grown cubs with them. Amur leopards catch their prey on the ground. At the same time, like other large cats, they use two main methods: they stalk the chosen prey and sit quietly in ambush. The leopard approaches the prey up to about 5-10 meters without making a sound, makes several jumps, and attacks the prey.

When single leopards manage to kill a large animal, they stay near the carcass of the killed animal for 5-7 days. When people approach their prey, the animals do not behave aggressively, and after people leave, they return to the carcass. The Amur leopard is a carnivore. It feeds on everything it gets, regardless of the size of its prey, from mice to deer and even bears. Ungulates occupy a central place in the diet of this animal at any time of the year. The Amur leopard prefers the sika deer and the Siberian roe deer.

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