The addax, or African antelope, one of the rarest mammals on the planet, is still found in the deserts and semi-deserts of North Africa. The animals travel considerable distances across the Sahara In search of food in the cool nighttime. A herd of 5 to 20 individuals is led by a male.

Addaxes are able to resist the hot climate. They hide from strong winds and the sun in the shade of bushes and rocks and dig holes in the sand with their front legs. They can raise their body temperature and sweat less.

The main positions in the herd are occupied by the strongest male, to whom all the females are available, and the older representatives of the genus.

Addaxes are heavy and cannot run fast. Therefore, they become easy prey for swift-footed predators, hunters-poachers, and ruthless tourists chasing animals in cars. The prey is nutritious meat and leather for the production of shoes.

The decline in the Addax population was significantly affected by the human invasion in the life of the savanna — turning it into a desert, waging long wars. At present, the total number of addaxes reaches only 250 individuals.

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