With a tactical component, RPG is a computer genre characterized by great diversity. Here, developers of game studios have a huge scope for imagination, and gamers have gameplay that offers a variety of options for solving tasks. Because of this, the gameplay pleases with the opportunity to apply a creative approach, and replaying the game becomes even more interesting.


The legendary series of tactical RPG games made in the sci-fi setting, XCOM 2 requires gamers to be XCOM fighters who fight against alien invaders. The second part successfully develops all the best ideas introduced in the first game, and the modern graphics add to its appeal.

The innovations also affect the gameplay, including new features such as a spaceship that doubles as a base and dynamically created locations. Each battle is a point-by-point attack, and the goal is to conduct sabotage actions with a small squad. Since the resistance forces are outnumbered, they must conduct their attack operations with maximum stealth and caution.

But that’s not all of XCOM 2’s advantages; it also boasts an extensive crafting system that plays a significant role in progressing and achieving victory. Additionally, developers of XCOM 2 have included a built-in editor and multiplayer mode for battling with other fans of tactical RPG.

RAM Pressure

An MMORPG inspired by the XCOM series, in RAM pressure, gamers control a squad of brave guys searching for extraterrestrial artifacts. To find them, they go to locations where they have noticed the fall of large meteorites. Success in these operations requires carefully selecting various classes and the appropriate ammunition and conducting tactical battles on randomly generated maps.

Arriving where you can theoretically get hold of an artifact, you should be careful since you can meet others who will not be disposed of peacefully. They may immediately set out to attack, quickly remove unwanted competitors, and not share the found treasures. You must defend yourself.

RAM Pressure – one of the coolest MMORPGs

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Regarding the best role-playing games, it’s impossible to overlook the sequel to Divinity. The new part has received much recognition among gamers, and the game’s rating on Metacritic and Steam is off the charts. In Original Sin 2, players can access numerous classes, races, and interesting quest dialogues.

At every game turn, the gamer must make a choice that affects further events. The game’s excellent tactical combat mechanics take place in a turn-based mode. Like in the previous part, each battlefield has numerous interactive objects you can use to gain an edge over the enemy.

Pillars of Eternity

Among offline RPGs with a tactical slant, many projects have similar mechanics. Pillars of Eternity (PoE) is similar to Divinity in design and gameplay mechanics, and it’s one of those attempts where using other people’s ideas gave the gaming world a high-quality and interesting project.

While playing PoE, the only noticeable difference is that the gameplay is much harder than the new part of Divinity. Additionally, PoE was released later, so its graphical components look more modern and feature various effects.

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