Despite the general trend towards digitalization and remote interaction, technical means are vulnerable and may occasionally experience internet connection issues.

Many people got rid of paper books a long time ago in order to make more space in their homes and stick to the now popular minimalist design. But what should a modern person do if they have temporarily lost access to the worldwide web?

An excellent solution would be the best PC games to play without the Internet. But users need to be prudent enough to select such applications according to their preferences, download them, and install them on their desktops or laptops in advance (the operating systems are the same).

Previously, the Internet was not available in many places, and many people were unable to connect to it. That’s why video games were often distributed on CD, which has since been replaced by flash drives or external hard drives. This means that if your internet service provider unexpectedly announces line failures, you can try looking in your cabinets for DVDs or flash drives with some of the best offline PC games you once enjoyed.

When people need to go out of town or to some place far from civilization but still want to have a good time, many of them may wonder how to avoid making a mistake when selecting the best offline PC games.

If you’ve had enough of old games and want to try something new, you can look through the current list of the best PC games to play without the Internet and test some of them in a relaxed setting. Since they do not require a network connection, nothing will distract you from playing.

The game Grand Theft Auto

Best Offline PC Games in 2023

The list may include both new developments and recent releases, as well as old but gold projects. There can also be remastered or covers, which are remade and modernized versions of classic games. Some of them, for example, have improved graphics for more powerful processors or virtual reality versions:

  1. Grand Theft Auto. This project from a British development house is dedicated to the adventures of a criminal and is set in fictional American cities and states. The game’s setting is similar to America, but it seems to take place in a parallel universe. The game combines detective and shooter, action and adventure, open world, and RPG elements. It has an intriguing, branching plot that is both tough and fast-paced, similar to Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino movies. This game is an excellent choice for those who find themselves in an abandoned country house without Internet access or fun company.
  2. Far Cry is an action thriller game inspired by pirate novels and the Robinson Crusoe story. The protagonist’s goal is to prove to himself that he is a real man capable of escaping any difficult situation with dignity and pleasure.
  3. Mafia 2. This game depicts the difficult life of a war veteran who suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and thus cannot adjust to civilian life. The only option he has is to build a career in the cruel and insidious world of organized crime.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is another game that should be added to your list of the best PC games to play without the Internet. Its plot is based on the popular conspiracy theory that corporations want to conquer the entire world by transforming people into cyborgs. The main character will have to go all out and try hard to remain human.

Another futuristic game that makes you wonder about the fate of humanity is Portal 2. This time the plot takes advantage of another conspiracy theory, namely the rise of artificial intelligence. A tool has turned into a cruel tyrant and manipulator. The main character of the game is locked in an endless labyrinth of rooms and has to solve increasingly difficult puzzles to get out.

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