The warm Indian climate is good not only for travelers from different countries but also for many representatives of the animal world. Mostly the tropical forests and sun-drenched green meadows of India are inhabited by herbivores, but there are also some predators. They can be dangerous not only for other animals but also for humans. Among the diverse wildlife of this country, the following species deserve special attention.

Top 10 Most Significant Animals of India

  1. Cows. The cow is the most revered sacred animal of India. In Buddhist culture, it represents the mother and is considered untouchable. For a long time, the killing of cows in the country entailed the most severe punishment. Today, in some states of India, it is allowed to slaughter cattle, which causes serious protests in society.
  2. Bengal tigers. It is a bright representative of the animal world of the country. It is considered the largest cat in the world, as it is not only large but also has rather sharp fangs. There are beautiful white tigers, but they do not live long in nature. That is why people catch them and give them to zoos in different countries.
  3. Indian elephants. It is a large, good-natured, and hardy animal. Since ancient times, people have used elephants for heavy physical labor and battles. Nowadays, big-eared giants mainly entertain tourists in India. These animals were listed in the Red Book and are now under state protection due to the reduction of their population.
  4. Monkeys. There are a large number of monkey species in India, and many of them feel quite free among people. For example, guenons run freely around cities and deftly steal food, jewelry, hats, and phones from tourists.
  5. Indian leopards. This fleet-footed predator is mainly nocturnal. Leopards live in the wild alone, and, unfortunately, in recent years, they are increasingly becoming victims of poachers.
  6. Rats. While the inhabitants of European countries are afraid of rats, the Indians have an opposite attitude to them. Just like cows, they are sacred and revered animals. Vast hordes of rats live in local temples, where the believers regularly feed them.
  7. Mongooses. These small animals easily cope with snakes and even attack cobras. Nature endowed mongooses with an antidote, so they are not afraid of even the most venomous reptiles.
  8. Giant catfish. Catfish in Indian rivers can cause the death of not only fish but also swimmers. They can easily drag large prey to the bottom without giving them the slightest chance of salvation.
  9. Whale sharks. It is considered the largest shark on the planet. Despite its huge size, the shark is quite peaceful and not dangerous to humans.
  10. Peacock. It is a colorful bird with luxurious plumage, which is known for its mating dances. However, in addition to their beautiful appearance, peacocks are also known for their unpleasant voice, which they use to warn of approaching danger.

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